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Welcome in! We are Vancouver’s home for improv and sketch comedy classes led by world-class comedians from Hip.Bang!The Sunday Service, and more. Read on for more on our terrific improv comedy classes and dive into the one that’s right for you! If you have any questions, you can always grab answers by emailing

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Our April to June classes are here! Whether it’s your first day trying to joy and discovery of riffing with friends, or you’re entering your 50th year making people laugh, we’ve got just the classes for you!


Core Digital Classes

Intro 1 – Tuesdays, May 25 – July 20

Digital Comedy Electives!

Scene Study with Aaron Read – Saturdays, July 10-31

Bloc Teams – Start Anytime!

Blind Tiger Comedy Classes

At Blind Tiger Comedy, you’ll learn how to create scenes and shows that audiences love. You’ll study and perform with members of Canadian Comedy Award nominees and winners The Sunday Service and Hip.Bang! as well as the rest of our stacked faculty, and find your voice in one or all of our long form, short form, sketch, or stand-up streams.

Our classes prioritize performance opportunities, and senior students may be invited to participate in one of our house teams. While each teacher brings a unique voice and approach to a class’ particular content, the core curriculum of each class will be consistent.

Want to take a class but can’t make the time listed? Join our mailing list at the bottom of this page and you’ll be updated every time we announce new classes. If you have questions, we reply within 24 hours on weekdays. Just email

Repeats Policy

At Blind Tiger we’re big on making sure every student really learns what we’re teaching before moving them on to further, more challenging/frustrating levels before they’re ready. Each course has explicit learning objectives that our teachers lay out on the first day, and regular feedback including explicit personal feedback on or shortly after the last day. If a student has not consistently demonstrated the skills of that course in the subjective determination of that teacher, a student may be asked to repeat that course.

Here’s the good news: if you are asked to repeat a class, that class is 50% off.  We offer this discount to emphasize something very important to us: we want you to learn! Moving too quickly makes for a frustrated, unhappy improvisor which in turn makes it tough to learn and have fun. Also note – repeats are common and students can reasonably expect to be asked to repeat at least one course if not several as they move through our training from Intro through Long Form. Since implementing this policy several years ago, we have noticed a dramatic improvement in the quality of our students in all of the Intro, Long Form and Sketch streams, so trust us: this policy is truly in your best interest.

Attendance Policy

All students are expected to attend their class times. If students miss classes for any reason, that impedes their learning and teachers may ask a student to repeat a class if they miss more than two classes out of an eight-week course, or more than one class of a five-week intensive. Students asked to repeat on the basis of attendance are not eligible for 50% off when they retake that level. Again, this policy is here to help everyone learn, and to build the best class environments possible!

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Intro to Improv Series

DIGITAL INTRO 1 – Welcome to Improv

Eight weeks. One show. $300.

“With improv, it’s a combination of listening and not trying to be funny. “- KRISTEN WIIG

In this course you will learn the basics you’ll need to dive confidently into the world of improv. You will learn the terminology used in improvisation, how to build the basic scene, what makes a good offer, and what an “offer” is. You’ll get to know the value of playing at the height of your intelligence, and understand the importance of joy in live improv.

In the digital version of this course, you will dive into the fundamentals of improv through online video platform Zoom. We made the choice to offer this class online on purpose: the early stages of improv are all about warming into it and working with one partner at a time. Two things that are especially possible online.

By the time you’re finished with Intro 1, your final showcase will be a breezy walk in a crazy fun park.

You will move onto Intro 2 confident making offers, supporting your scene partner, and comfortable being on stage.

Note: there are multiple classes available for this course


Tuesdays, 6:30-9:00pm PST
May 25 – July 20

Instructor: Devin Mackenzie

register now

Registration for this class opens on Monday, March 15 at high noon PST.

DIGITAL INTRO 2 – Let’s Make This Interesting

Eight weeks. Two shows. $300.

“I think for anyone – male or female – in improv, the biggest thing to get over is the fear. I think every improviser has that.” RACHEL DRATCH

In this course you will explore the keys to making an improv show and improv scene compelling to watch. You will learn how to create dynamic characters, leverage your character’s status, and play with sincerity. You’ll learn the importance of variety and commitment in your offers, and the value of letting a scene breath. No better way to practice being dynamic than in front of an audience with two performances!

In the digital version of this course, you will expand your knowledge of the fundamentals of improv through online video platform Zoom. We chose to offer this class online on purpose: the early stages of improv are all about warming into it and working with one partner at a time as you get scenes started and find characters. These are all things that are especially possible online.

You will move onto Intro 3 with the ability to create with your scene partner a full, quality scene, and an ability to commit wholeheartedly to your character.

Pre-requisite: Intro 1

This class is not currently open for registration. To be alerted when it is, sign up for our mailing list.

Advanced Scenes 1 (formerly Intro 3) – Don’t Let the Game Play You

Five or eight weeks. Two shows. $300.

“Fail. Then figure out what to do on the way down.” – DEL CLOSE

This course pushes your improv into the higher levels of scene work. You will become more and more able to do scenes with characters outside yourself, filled with hilarious details and emotion, and be more and more comfortable addressing any suggestion or situation. You are learning to host your own shows, tackle all kinds of scenes, and become more confident playing with more improvisors at the same time. In short, this course loads the tool belt and begins to help you wield those tools in a way that will make you feel like you’re good with tools.

Pre-requisite: Intro 2

This class is not currently open for registration. To be alerted when it is, sign up for our mailing list.

Advanced Scenes 2 (formerly Intro 4) – The Scene

Five or eight weeks. Two shows. $300.

“There’s something really freeing about improv: it’s collective, creative, in-the-moment. ” – TATIANA MASLANY

This course seeks to solidify you as a well-rounded, knowledgeable performer, focusing particularly on your group game and group scene skills. You will become comfortable with any suggestion, character choice, or scene style, and can adapt on the fly to the needs of a particular scene. This class also features a significant diagnostic element, where your instructor will identify the areas of scene work you need to improve and help you get there. The focus of this class is you and suiting you up with the the skills and techniques that will best prepare you for the areas of comedy that excite you the most.

You will move onto the advanced streams with the ability to be successful in any scene or show you commit to.

Pre-requisite: Advanced Scenes 1/ Intro 3

This class is not currently open for registration. To be alerted when it is, sign up for our mailing list.

LONG FORM 1 – The Basic Harold

Eight weeks. Three shows. $300.

“A Harold is like building a 747 mid-flight.” – DEL CLOSE

In this class you will study the basic concepts and techniques that make exceptional long form improvisation possible. You will hone the techniques of scene starts, edits, beats, narration, and monologues, while putting them into practice in the service of variety, pacing, and game. The class will study the Structured Harold, and focus on individual performers finding their voice within the ensemble.

You will move onto Long Form 2 with a working grasp of Harold and the basic techniques and concepts of long form improvisation.

Pre-requisite: Advanced Scenes 2 / Intro 4

This class is not currently open for registration. To be alerted when it is, sign up for our mailing list.

LONG FORM 2 – Harold and his many friends

Eight weeks. Three shows. $300.

“When one has no form, one can be all forms; when one has no style, he can fit in with any style.” – BRUCE F’ING LEE

In this class, you will push your long form skills into performance-ready formats. While continuing to work on advanced scene work and your confidence within a large ensemble, you will explore some of the most exciting long forms out there: Tap Out, Domino, Armando, Ghost Jail, The Bat, and beyond.

You will move onto Long Form 3 with a confident understanding of the forms listed above and a demonstrated comfort working within an ensemble.

Pre-requisite: Long Form 1

This class is not currently open for registration. To be alerted when it is, sign up for our mailing list.

LONG FORM 3 – The Organic Harold

Eight weeks. Three shows. $300.

“Each of us is full of shit in our own special way. We are all shitty little snowflakes dancing in the universe.” – LEWIS BLACK

In this class, you will tear into the advanced techniques of long forms: transformations, advanced edits, and meta games. Hone your ability to commit to structures, games, and patterns that emerge from the suggestion and the scene work, without any preconceived plan. Follow one of Blind Tigers major beliefs that stories can be told in many different ways.

You will move onto Long Form 4 with a demonstrated mastery of long form techniques, a working confidence with the organic Harold, and by auditioning.

Pre-requisite: Long Form 2

This class is not currently open for registration. To be alerted when it is, sign up for our mailing list.

LONG FORM 4 – Mono Scene

8 weeks. 3 shows. $300.

“The only safe thing, is to take a chance.” -ELAINE MAY

The mono scene is one of the coolest, simplest, and most difficult long forms: one scene that lasts 15, 20, even 60 minutes. In this class you will explore the skills needed to get the best out of this format – patience, detail, strong committed characters and a willingness to continue developing new ideas late in a scene. You will work on connecting closely as an ensemble, and will be directed to challenge yourself as an improvisor in this our last class of the improv program.

Pre-requisite: Long Form 3

This class is not currently open for registration. To be alerted when it is, sign up for our mailing list.

Sketch Comedy

We are extremely proud of sketch comedy curriculums, which were developed by Blind Tiger Comedy founders Devin Mackenzie, Caitlin Howden and Tom Hill. Each class focuses on a distinct set of skills that support your development as a comedy writer, and all centre on the notion of honing your ability to identify, hone and celebrate what you personally find funny.


Eight weeks. Two shows. $300.

“Tragedy is when I cut my finger. Comedy is when you fall into an open sewer and die”- MEL BROOKS

This course focuses on developing both your voice as a sketch comedian and good writing habits. By examining existing sketches from the past and present, you will be introduced to a well of resources. You will learn the importance of positive brainstorming, discovering premise ideas from everyday life, and the value of a structured development process from page to stage. Note that Blind Tiger sketch classes, like sketch comedy itself, are homework intensive: there will be work assigned outside class time every week.

You might be wondering, what is the difference between this digital class and the “normal” in-person one? Well, the answer is almost nothing…in a good way. There will still be two shows of our favourite shows at Blind Tiger, and the course content will be literally the same. We’ll sit around a table, do some fun warm ups, learn about sketch writing process and tools, and work together to write sketches. Only now our table will be digital!

You will move onto Sketch 2 with the ability to lay the groundwork of a sketch, and a strong understanding of the relationship between the page and stage.

Pre-requisite: Intro 2 or equivalent experience. We know some folks will be joining us from outside of Blind Tiger of Vancouver for this class, so think of this pre-req as “moderate writing or comedy performance experience.” Email to tell us more, and try us!

This class is not currently open for registration. To be alerted when it is, sign up for our mailing list.

Sketch 2 – Full Metal Sketch

Eight weeks. Two shows. $300.

“Some people have a way with words, and other people…oh, uh, not have way.” -STEVE MARTIN

This class is focused on your ability to turn a good idea into a great sketch, and begins to develop techniques for presenting a cohesive sketch set. Develop the ability to find the best characters for a given premise, and to highlight distinct voices within your scripts. Become skilled at producing material and not be afraid of the blankpage. Study examples of different techniques for combining and transitioning between sketches within a given show.

Blind Tiger sketch classes, like sketch comedy itself, are homework intensive: in Sketch 2 you will be expected to write a sketch a week. This in turn will help you develop your portfolio and give you a greater understanding of what your unique style and voice is.

You will move onto Sketch 3 with a strong portfolio, an ability to write a wide variety of characters and types of sketches, and an understanding of more advanced ways to combine and interweave sketches within a single set.

This class is not currently open for registration. To be alerted when it is, sign up for our mailing list.

Sketch 3 – Versatility

Eight weeks. Two shows. $300.

“Gags die. Humour doesn’t” – JACK BENNY

This course will expand your range as a sketch writer. You and your classmates will study and try a wide range of sketch types including audience manipulation, solo, and patience. Every week you will immerse yourself in a different style, and come out wiser, funnier, and more versatile.

Blind Tiger sketch classes, like sketch comedy itself, are homework intensive: in Sketch 3 you will be writing extensively in each week, only some of which will be presented in class shows.

Pre-requisite: Sketch 2

This class is not currently open for registration. To be alerted when it is, sign up for our mailing list.

Sketch 4 – Senior Project

Ten weeks. 2-5 shows. $375.

“You can’t just yell jokes at people.” -DAVID CROSS

In this class, you will lead the creation of a 15-20 minute sketch comedy project. The project is yours to define: a 15-minute solo show, a 20-person comedy play featuring everyone you’ve ever met, a short, tight sketch show on a theme, a part-video, part-dance show, or just a single epic patience sketch. You may use some, all, or none of your classmates, but the class will remain a valuable bounce board, rehearsal opportunity, and development outlet throughout.

From an early stage, you will be honing and pitching your project in class in a pitch style that will work the muscles similar to those in professional comedy development. Shows mid-semester will provide a chance to stage test the work you are developing, before final performances at the end of the semester in a special show or shows.

Note: As with all sketch classes, Sketch 4 students will be expected to put in substantial time in outside class time. Only polished final shows will be performed.

Students who complete this class may be selected to be a part of a Blind Tiger Comedy sketch comedy house team.

Pre-requisite: Sketch 3


This class is not currently open for registration. To be alerted when it is, sign up for our mailing list.

Comedy Drop-Ins & Electives

Blind Tiger Comedy offers a rotating list of electives, drop-ins and other specialty classes that will enable students to focus on hyper-specific skills, and or focus on new creative philosophies.

Improv For Ears – with Taz VanRassel

Six weeks. One show. $200.

This class will explore the world of audio improv and its potential to sweet, fun, hilarious scenes. Take a suggestion and a powerful scene using nothing but your voice.

Emulating the style of podcasts like Comedy Bang! Bang!, Improv for Ears teaches you how to differentiate your characters, build scenes smoothly, and when to assume different statuses and roles within scenes.

As you go through the course, you’ll learn vocal techniques and affectations to craft strong, layered characters that function audibly and on-stage. You’ll also develop your ability to reveal key elements about environment and props without feeling forced.

Whether you’re looking to create an improv-based podcast, or just improve your scene skills and character skills, this course is a great fit for you and your ears.

Pre-requisite: Students must have completed Intro 1 to take this course.

This class is not currently open for registration. To be alerted when it is, sign up for our mailing list.

Into the Sketch-terverse (neighbourhood edition) – with Tom Hill

Six weeks. Two shows. $225.

This is an experimental comedy writing class about stirring up comedy shit on the internet and–for this special edition–in your neighbourhood. Each week Tom Hill will present a different collection of comedy examples from around the web and present challenges for each writer to take on. We will also spend time thinking about what the uncharted mediums of Zoom, live streaming, and “on location” comedy offer us. Can we do a show where every sketch is done live from your street? Should we? Studying comedic voices like Nathan Fielder, Baroness Von Sketch, ClickHole, Jon Bois, and more, you will get into a playful mode and then just keep that keeping on.

Our shows will be open-ended and involve a lot of trial, error, and triumph. Maybe we live-stream an overnight patience sketch. Maybe we go viral on Twitter. We’ll discover as we go but each week we’ll explore new corners of the internet, new corners on your block, review your writing, and plan two wild shows.

Pre-requisite: Students must have completed Sketch 1 or have equivalent experience.

This class is not currently open for registration. To be alerted when it is, sign up for our mailing list.

Scene Study – with Aaron Read

Four weeks. $150.

“The more things you do, the more you can do.” – LUCILLE BALL

This class is an opportunity to practice the core techniques of great improv, with direct feedback. Each week, you will get up on stage to create improv scenes in front of the class and your instructors, with the goal of working your comedic muscles and augmenting the technical training you’ll find in our core curriculums.

Each scene study session will focus on a particular set of skills of the instructor’s selection. This semester’s focus is on creating real life scenes! That said, regardless of the theme, the primary mode of this class will be assess your scene work and give you direct, honest feedback on how to improve.
Pre-requisite: Intro 1 or equivalent experience (email if you’re unsure)
Saturdays, 3:30-6:00pm PST
July 10 – July 31
register now

Registration for this class is open!

Coachings with Ryan Beil

Tuesday afternoons. 45-minute sessions. $60.

In this very customizable offering join trained actor and comedian Ryan Beil for one or more 45-minute sessions. How do you prep for a show? What are other types of classes that have benefited you? What’s the worst time you have ever bombed and how did you get over it? What is the one piece of wisdom you learned in an improv class that you’ve always kept with you? How do you get out of your head? How do you produce a show? What are you favourite improv warmups? What kinds of media do you consume? How do you deal with imposter syndrome?

Similarly, if you have a specific set, monologue or project you want feedback on, Ryan is all ears. Rate will fluctuate depending on the specific request. To register, write a request with the subject like “Ryan Session” to mentioning what you want to work on, your desired dates and times (Tuesdays preferred) and we’ll get you set up.


Tuesday Afternoons or Nights, 45 minutes at a time

Instructor: Ryan Beil

Free Classes

Join us for our FREE improv classes!

The workshop will consist of some easy, fun, accessible intro games and maybe even a few scene-lets that will give you a taste of the joy, confidence, and thrill that improv can offer. Have no fear, this class will make you feel welcome, no experience necessary!

This 75-minute workshop will be led by one of our amazing Blind Tiger Faculty.

*You must be at least 18 years old to attend this class

*1 ticket per person (per evening) please!

This class is not currently open for registration. To be alerted when it is, sign up for our mailing list.

Bloc Teams

There’s nothing quite like choosing the group you’re with and collaborating towards a collective comedic goal. With this in mind, we created the Bloc program. Bloc Teams are a great chance for you and your people to find your voices together, with help from a professional comedian/coach, and the next big step for us and our rad community. Here’s how they work:

  • Assemble– Find your people. It could be a duo, a trio, a group of eight…so long as you’re thrilled about every name on the list. They can be at the same point as you in the core classes series (we recommend this) or not, though all performers must have completed Intro 2 or have equivalent experience.
  • Rehearse & Perform– Your coach will build your team a rehearsal schedule customized to your strengths, weaknesses, and goals. Each group will get one or two showcases (depending on if you run four or eight weeks) at Blind Tiger Comedy showcases.
  • Cost – Depends on class length and schedule, but you can generally imagine around $650 per four weeks at two hours a week, or $1200 for eight. Includes four custom workshops and one show per four weeks.
  • Submit – Use our Bloc Team application form and give us a sense of your group, your schedule, your preferred coach and what you think you want to do. Notes:
    • Registration for Bloc Teams is ongoing, submit anytime.
    • Note: Bloc Teams are confirmed once we have received payment from you for that group.
    • Once Bloc Team schedules are agreed upon, we are unable to be flexible on changes to your group’s schedule. Measure twice, cut once!
  • Then – we’ll review all your info, and get back to you within a couple business days!

So buckle up, gather your people, and build your bloc. Let us know if you have questions, we’re at

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