Improv That Works

Improv for Business Vancouver

The skills that make us great at improv are the skills that can take your organization to the next level.

Our team is made up of world-class, professional comedians who also have decades of experience collaborating with business and organizations to make them better. Our workshops are engaging, practical and fun and completely adaptable to online meetings and events.

If you’re not sure we’re right for you, try us. We’re improvisors: we’re used to making things happen on the spot.



WORKSHOPS FOR YOUR TEAM – develop skills to make your team stronger

TEAM BUILDING– have fun, blow off steam and connect

CUSTOM COMEDY SHOWS – let us bring the laughs to you

HOW TO BOOK US – we’re responsive and flexible


In our workshops, we teach the skills of comedy and how they can offer practical ways for your business to work better.

Your team will discover the joy of collaboration and the freedom of spontaneity. The importance of listening, saying yes, and elevating other people’s ideas. Our professional comedians offer high-energy, interactive, participatory workshops that make sense for small groups trying to get more idea generation into their day-to-day right up to large scale businesses trying to level up their problem solving and leadership. You’ll learn skills like making bold offers, listening, embracing failure, positivity, risk-taking and collaboration.

We can offer workshops in person, or on online platforms like Zoom.



Maybe your team has been working hard and you want to offer some fun, easy, interactive ways for people to come together. Maybe you want to make your Friday happy hour something to look forward to, get your Monday started right or level up your conference icebreaker. Our improv team building workshops are exciting, approachable and perfect for groups big and small. Whatever your group needs, we will bring the fun and leave you laughing your way through your next meeting.

We get that you might especially need some laughs in your business right now and heck we get that. Our team building sessions are great online, we come a ton of experience facilitating online improv and we’re ready to make fun happen in any context.


Workshops start at $500.


Our award-winning faculty at Blind Tiger Comedy have decades of experience on stage, and there’s nothing we love more than performing for an audience. Our hilarious shows are based on audience suggestions, and can even involve members of your team through interactive games. The great thing about improv is, we can tailor our show to your event needs. A unique choice for your holiday celebration, or a hilarious way to mark a big success. Perfect for any party you never want to forget!??

A great way to meet a new team, or get to know your existing team even better!??


Custom comedy shows start at $1000.


Our General Manager Helen Camisa and Head of Corporate Training Amy Shostak handle all of our bookings. You can expect a response from them within two business days, generally much quicker.

The best way to get started is to fill out your basic information in the Google form below. From there, we’ll be in touch, get you a quote, and get you booked. Let’s get started!