Comedy Shows

Blind Tiger Comedy shows are excellent comedy shows, plain and simple. Hosted at the historic Little Mountain Gallery, every Blind Tiger Comedy show features members of founding BTC groups The Sunday Service and Hip.Bang!, as well as our very excellent house teams and classes.

Upcoming Blind Tiger Comedy Shows

July 20

6-7pm – The Free Improv Class w/ Devin Mackenzie
7:15-8:15pm – The JAM SHOW w/ Devin Mackenzie

August 1 – Blind Tiger Showcases

7pm – INT2i (Devin), INT3i (Amy), Long Form 2

9pm – INT2i (Amy), Long Form 1, Long Form 4

August 3 – POC Night

6-7pm – The Free Improv Class w/ Ronald & Ese
7:15-8:15pm – The JAM SHOW w/ Ronald & Ese
9pm – Blind Tiger Comedy’s house teams Szyslak, REYNOLDS and Doctor Cousins!

August 8 – Blind Tiger Showcases

7pm – INT1i (Tom), INT2i (Amy/Ese), Sketch 2/3

9pm – INT2i (Devin), INT3i (Amy), Sketch 1

August 29 – FONDUE

7pm – Character Workout, FONDUE

9pm – FONDUE

September 5 – Blind Tiger Showcase

8PM – Long Form 1, Long Form 2, Sketch 1, Long Form 4

September 7

6-7pm – The Free Improv Class w/ Caitlin
7:15-8:15pm – The JAM SHOW w/ Caitlin
9pm – Blind Tiger Comedy’s house teams Szyslak, REYNOLDS and Doctor Cousins!

September 19 – Blind Tiger Showcase

8PM – INT1i (Tom), INT2i (Devin) Sketch 2/3

September 21 – CANS FESTIVAL



September 26 – Blind Tiger Showcase

INT1 (Ronald), INT2i (Devin), FACULTY SHOWCASE

All Blind Tiger Comedy students get into BTC showcases and house team shows for free!

Find out about the latest on BTC shows on the Key Dates bar to the right or by following us on Facebook and Twitter. Drinks at our shows our cheap, laughs are always plentiful, and you never know when a special out of town guest might drop in.