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We are hiring! Find our job posting for our new GM position below or by clicking here.

Co-Directors of Blind Tiger Comedy

Contact for: Registration, Corporate Bookings, General Inquiries

Tom Hill & Caitlin Howden

Class Fee Payment, E-Transfers and Financial Questions

Devin Mackenzie, Head of Finance

Harassment Form

If you are a student or other member of the Vancouver comedy community, and would like to use our anonymous harassment form, click here. Note that the form does not disclose your name, but that anything written in the form will be read by Caitlin Howden and Tom Hill, Co-Directors of Blind Tiger Comedy.

Physical Location

All shows take place at the historic Little Mountain Gallery. Classes are split (for the most part) between Little Mountain Gallery and the China Cloud Theatre.

Little Mountain Gallery
195 E 26th Avenue
Vancouver, BC

China Cloud Theatre
524 Main Street
Vancouver, BC

Call For Applicants – General Manager

We are thrilled to be hiring our first general manager. Please read on and send your best qualified friends our way!


Are you a high-energy leader interested in honing your skills in a fun, collaborative, progressive comedy company? Join the team at Blind Tiger Comedy and find out why we’ve grown into one of the country’s leading comedy schools in just a few years.

The General Manager (GM) reports to the Co-Directors of Blind Tiger Comedy and is responsible for managing the financial performance of the company, assisting in student enrolment, and producing Blind Tiger Comedy shows, amongst other things.

This is a new position at Blind Tiger Comedy and as such the role, its duties, and the company as a whole, will grow and develop with you (and we’re into that).

How you’ll spend your time

This role is primarily focused on two basic areas: financial management and administrative/ production support. You will:

– Handle all financial transactions and details, including with our venue partners and students.

– Produce monthly, quarterly and yearly financial reports and projections.

– Manage venue payments, payroll, and other costs.

– Manage communication with our incredible students.

– Produce shows at our venues, including beer runs, float, and cash out as well as bartending and venue support.

– Assist Co-Directors with various projects and communications.

– Identify opportunities for improvement and growth, without being prompted.

– Play well with others: our company is founded on comedy, and we expect a positive, playful attitude from everyone who works with us and represents us, internally and externally. To quote Neworld Theatre: We’re looking for someone who likes to collaborate and to do so in ways that encourages themselves and the people around them to find joy in their work.

– Above all: be willing to do what it takes to provide the best experience for our students, our venues, and our business, including intangibles not listed above.

What we’re looking for:

– A skilled “money person” who can handle business accounting, produce analytical financial reports, and manage small business tax considerations.

– An elite communicator, in person and in writing.

– A production veteran, experienced in creating live shows, as a performer and/or producer. That said, experience performing comedy, theatre, and/or in the arts an asset but not essential.

– Someone trustworthy, in the strongest sense of the word. They can be relied on to problem solve or crisis manage without oversight.

– Someone new. Whether you identify with all of the points above or not, get at us. We are interested in new voices and know that our list of desired experience is unorthodox, we are happy to customize this position to the right person.

What we can offer

Day to Day

We pride ourselves on being made up entirely of professional comedians who can also take care of business. We humbly think we can be pretty fun to work with.


Co-Directors Caitlin Howden and Tom Hill, as well as outgoing Director of Finance Devin Mackenzie have had long careers in comedy, producing and hustling in various ways. We imagine there are a few things you could learn from us and vice versa. We’re also committed to internal development for us and for you – we’re all going to keep getting better, together.

Actual Money

Blind Tiger Comedy was founded in part to support professionals working in comedy and expand the infrastructure around comedy in Canada. We have done our best to make this position large enough that it could be a core part of an individual’s income.

Furthermore, hiring this position is part of our strategic plan to continue to grow and we’d like to grow this role into a full time position in the nearest possible future. The successful candidate’s abilities and vision will be integral to that growth.

We see this position as 30-40 hours a month, depending on the month. If you show us you need more hours to do more great work, we’re open to that too. Pay is $18-22/hour, or negotiable based on your qualifications. Hours would be tracked by the GM, monitored by the Co-Directors. We are also willing to discuss a salary after a probationary period. In either case, bonuses will be available based on GM/ school performance after one year.

Bottom line: if you think you’re great for this, tell us how and we’ll make it work.


Interested? Email your CV and a cover letter outlining why you think Blind Tiger Comedy and this position might be a good fit for you to by Friday, October 12, 5PM PST. Please include two references. We will interview candidates the week of October 15-19. Thank you in advance for your time!

All Welcome

Blind Tiger Comedy is a company committed to diversity, and we hope to receive applications from candidates with a broad range of backgrounds including but not limited to: race, ethnicity, indigeneity, gender, gender-identification, sexual orientation, class and physical ability.