The best way to contact us is through the internet. For the most up-to-date information, follow us on this website, through our twitter account, and on our facebook page. Otherwise, find the listing of the appropriate person below for their personal contact information.

We are hiring! Find our job posting for our new GM position below or by clicking here.

Co-Directors of Blind Tiger Comedy

Contact for: Registration, Corporate Bookings, General Inquiries

Tom Hill & Caitlin Howden

Class Fee Payment, E-Transfers and Financial Questions

Devin Mackenzie, Head of Finance

Harassment Form

If you are a student or other member of the Vancouver comedy community, and would like to use our anonymous harassment form, click here. Note that the form does not disclose your name, but that anything written in the form will be read by Caitlin Howden and Tom Hill, Co-Directors of Blind Tiger Comedy.

Physical Location

All shows take place at the historic Little Mountain Gallery. Classes are split (for the most part) between Little Mountain Gallery and the China Cloud Theatre.

Little Mountain Gallery
195 E 26th Avenue
Vancouver, BC

China Cloud Theatre
524 Main Street
Vancouver, BC